Empower your organization and employees with the support of our confidants. We facilitate mental health well-being and foster a safe work environment where trust and respect are the foundations.

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Support for unwanted behavior

Empowering organizations to foster safe and respectful workplaces.


Expert Advice and Prevention

Our experienced confidants provide professional guidance to prevent workplace issues.


Professional Guidance

Trusted and impartial support for navigating complex workplace situations.



✔ Select Your Confidant

Select the confidant(s) who best suit your organization’s needs and culture.

✔ Immediate Support

Our experienced confidants are readily available to assist your employees. If their assigned confidant is unavailable or they prefer to speak with someone else, we will promptly connect them with another expert from our diverse pool of professionals.

✔ Annual Reporting

Receive comprehensive annual reports summarizing reported incidents and recommendations for improvement.

    ✔ Prevention & Education

    On-site training and workshops to promote desired behaviors and address workplace misconduct.

    ✔ Expert Guidance

    Certified professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in both Dutch and English.

    ✔  Secure & Independent Reporting Environment

    External confidants ensure confidentiality and independence, fostering a safe reporting environment.

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    Barbara is a experienced confidential counsellor specializing in workplace conduct and ...
    Paul Martin

    Paul Martin

    Paul Martin, an experienced certified confidential advisor, focuses on guiding individuals ...


    Carine is a dedicated professional with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their ...

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Is it mandatory to appoint a confidant?

    Currently, a bill is pending approval in the Senate that would mandate all organizations with 10 or more employees to appoint a confidant. This law is expected to be enacted on July 1, 2024, or January 1, 2025.

    What are the benefits of hiring an external confidant?

    An external confidant offers independence and objectivity, which increases employee trust. They can ensure greater openness and safety within the organization, as employees feel freer to report problems without fear of repercussions.

    How does OnzeVertrouwenspersoon guarantee the confidentiality of reports?

    Our confidants have a legal duty of confidentiality and adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to ensure that all reports and conversations remain completely confidential.

    How quickly can an external confidant be deployed?

    We can provide a customized quote within 24 hours of request and quickly connect a suitable confidant to your organization. The exact time may vary depending on specific requirements and availability.

    What if an employee prefers to speak with a confidant of a different gender or a specific confidant?

    In principle, your organization chooses one confidant (or two for larger organizations) who best suits your needs. However, if an employee prefers a confdant of a different gender or someone else on our team, we can quickly switch and arrange a suitable replacement from our pool of experts. This ensures that every employee feels comfortable and optimally supported.




    Does OnzeVertrouwenspersoon offer additional services besides providing confidential persons?

    Yes, in addition to our external confidential persons, we also offer workshops on various topics, such as dealing with (un)wanted behavior in the workplace. Moreover, OnzeVertrouwenspersoon is part of OnzeCoach, which allows us to offer a wide range of coaching opportunities. These possibilities include:

    • Individual coaching for employees in the areas of:

      • Career development
      • Personal development
      • Communication and collaboration
      • Stress and burnout prevention
      • Financial coaching
    • Team coaching to improve collaboration and team effectiveness.

    For more information about these services, please visit our OnzeCoach website or contact us.

    Can I join your platform as a confidant?

    We are currently not actively looking for new confidants. Our cooperation focuses on experienced professionals who are affiliated with the LVV (Landelijk Vereniging van Vertrouwenspersonen) and who have demonstrable experience in large organizations. If you are interested, you can submit your CV for future consideration.