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OnzeVertrouwenspersoon is is a part of OnzeCoach. We assist organizations and their employees in finding and maintaining their flow. We strengthen organizations in sustainable employability, employee development, and workplace vitality. Our certified confidants ensure a secure work climate.

We strongly believe that a safe work culture is the foundation for growth and job satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide everyone with an open, safe, and honest work environment, thereby supporting and empowering employees in their work.

By choosing an external confidant, you prioritize safety. OnzeCoach’s external confidant is the solution for an open and honest work culture.



Our Team  
Onze Core Values

Core values reflect who we are, what we believe in, what drives us, and the basis from which we act. They are our driving force in striving to improve every day, making our meaningful services available to even more employees. They are crucial pillars in the execution and quality of our services and collaborations.

For every challenge, we find the best solutions

Quality is our priority

We strive for continuous improvement

We are passionate professionals

Together Strong: We aim to help and empower each other

We genuinely believe our services contribute to workplace happiness and sustainable employee engagement

We prioritize socially responsible entrepreneurship


Corporate Social Responsibility 

In collaboration with our sister organizations within the Prevermo group, we have committed to contributing to 6 of the 17 development goals outlined by the UN:

  • Good Health and Well-being | Through coaching, we aim to increase the happiness of people (our clients’ employees) by 10%.
  • Quality Education | We aim to promote lifelong learning by offering development programs to make the Dutch workforce more sustainably employable. By 2030, we aim to have provided 100,000 individuals with such programs.
  • Gender Equality | As of 2021, there are no income differences between men and women in the same positions (across all Prevermo sister organizations), and there is gender equality within the Management Teams. This will be maintained every year from 2021 onward.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth | By 2030, we aim for 10% of our staff to come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Climate Action | By 2030, we aim to operate in a carbon-neutral manner. We consider the environmental and climate impact in all our actions.
  • Partnerships for Goals | We aim to collaborate with businesses pursuing sustainable development. By 2030, we aim for partnerships with 10 such companies.



Since 2021, OnzeCoach has been part of the Prevermo group. Our shared mission: “Contributing to a meaningful life for people.”




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Marjolijn van 't Oost

Manager New Business 

“Build a safe working culture together. Discover how OnzeVertrouwenspersoon external confidential advisors can contribute to a safe working environment. Do you have any questions? Contact me via info@onzevertrouwenspersoon.nl or call 085-3030231.”


ISO certified

We are very proud of our ISO27001 Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management certifications. Privacy and quality are of utmost importance to us