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Our confidants offer independent and professional support to employees who are dealing with inappropriate or transgressive behavior. Thanks to their neutral position, they can handle reports discreetly and confidentially.

Create a safe working environment with an external confidant from OnzeVertrouwenspersoon

As an employer, you are responsible for a safe and healthy working environment for all your employees. Unwanted behavior such as bullying, intimidation, discrimination or sexual harassment can have a negative impact on the well-being of your employees and the performance of your organization.

An external confidant from OnzeVertrouwenspersoon can help you create a safe working environment and combat unwanted behavior.


Our unique advantages:

✔ Large pool of experienced confidnants We have an extensive pool of experienced and qualified external confidants in the Netherlands, selected on the basis of their knowledge, skills and personality. This ensures that we can always find the right match for your organization.

✔ Freedom of choice: Your organization chooses the most suitable confidant from our pool. However, if there is a different need due to circumstances for an employee, we are flexible to respond to this. This ensures that every employee feels comfortable sharing their story.

✔ Tailor-made: We offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match the specific needs of your organization, regardless of the size or location of your organization.

✔  Opportunities for presentations, workshops & training courses: Our confidants also offer presentations, workshops and training courses for employees or managers on topics such as (in)appropriate behavior, as well as intervision for internal confidants.

✔ Additional services: As part of OnzeCoach, we also offer additional services, such as individual coaching for employees and teamcoaching. This allows us to offer an integral approach to supporting your organization. Contact us for more information.

Tasks & Responsibilities of the External Confidant

Maintaining Confidentiality: Ensures strict confidentiality in accordance with ethical standards and legal obligations.

Data Registration: Keeps accurate, secure records of reports while maintaining privacy.

Education and Awareness: Provides information on interpersonal etiquette and behavior upon request.

Policy: Works with organizations to implement policies.

Continuous Learning: Stays up-to-date on best practices, ethics and laws in their area of expertise.

Confidential Advice: Offers a safe, non-judgmental space to share concerns and provides guidance on reporting unwanted behavior for effective resolution.

How we work:

Step 1: Customized Quote

  • Within 24 hours you will receive a customized quote for an external confidant that suits your organization.
  • The quote is based on the number of employees in your organization.

Step 2: Introduction of Management/HR *

  • After the quote has been approved, we will schedule an online introductory meeting with the selected confidant.

Step 3: Communication Kit

  • You will receive a communication kit for internal channels (newsletter, intranet) to communicate the introduction of the external confidant.

Step 4: Introduction and On-site Meeting (optional)

  • The confidant can pay an introductory visit on site for a personal introduction to employees

Step 5: Drawing up a Protocol (optional)

  • The confidan is available to advise on the drawing up of a protocol for dealing with unwanted behavior.

Step 6: Anonymized Annual Report

  • At the end of the year you will receive an overview of anonymous reports and their nature.


  • Invoicing takes place from OnzeCoach. The annual connection fee is invoiced annually and the hours for reports, advice, training courses and travel expenses (if applicable) are invoiced monthly.


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OnzeVertrouwenspersoon subscription
confid Connection fee:

The annual connection fee includes:
Introduction to the confidant
Annual report
✓ Communication kit

Number of employees: Costs:
< 100 employees €515,-
100–300 employees €770,-
300–500 employees €1.030,-
500–750 employees €1.285,-
> 750 employees €1.545,-


Hourly rate:

The hours of the confidant are invoiced for:

Advice (if desired)
✓ Information and workshops (if desired)
✓ Travel expenses (if the organization wants the confidant to come to the location)


Hourly Rate €160,- per hour
Travel expenses €0,50 per km

Additional Services OnzeCoach

At OnzeCoach, we are committed to not only creating a safe working environment but also to supporting the sustainable employability of your employees in a challenging labor market. As a confidential counsellor client, you gain exclusive access to our coaching portal and other valuable services. Discover the benefits and contact us for more information.