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Paul Martin

Paul Martin, an experienced certified confidential advisor, focuses on guiding individuals through undesirable conduct and integrity issues, with the aim of creating a safe working environment for everyone.

He incorporates values such as equality, integrity, reliability, healthy curiosity, and humor into his work.

Enjoying work in a safe, pleasant, and trusted environment is a significant aspect of overall well-being. Understanding oneself and others forms the basis for a safe living and working environment.

Approach of Paul Martin: As a confidential advisor, Paul Martin supports employers in policy-making and offers informative workshops.

His approach focuses on equality, integrity, reliability, curiosity, and humor. Themes such as safe work and sports climates, diversity, inclusivity, and emotions take center stage.

He encourages a pleasant work environment and supports individuals in maintaining workplace satisfaction.


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Unwanted behavior | Integrity | Personal development | Diversity and Inclusion
Experience in the industries: Media, Culture, Logistics and Transportation, Production, Semi-Government

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