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Christiane is a certified Confidential Advisor with a passion for mutual respect, growth, and well-being. Clients describe her as clear, respectful, decisive, and reliable.

Her specialty lies in providing support for unwanted behavior/boundary-crossing situations, adhering to LVV guidelines. She holds extensive experience in (sexual) harassment, bullying, aggression/violence, and discrimination.

Christiane’s approach: She stands by the reporter and offers a listening ear. It’s crucial that the reporter/complainant feels heard, sometimes leading to solutions.

Next steps are jointly discussed to address the situation. Her aim is de-escalation, and if necessary, she can engage in discussions with senior management.

Additionally, Christiane is involved in prevention, education, and advising on policies regarding desirable/undesirable behavior.

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Specialization: Unwanted Behavior | Intimidation | Bullying | Aggression | Discrimination
Experience in sectors: Production Companies, Healthcare Institutions, Retail Businesses, Installation Companies, Education, Water Boards, Hospitality, Occupational Health Services, Professional Associations, Cleaning Industry, Chemical Industry, Addiction Care, Biomedical Industry, Financial Services, Public Health Services/Municipalities

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