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6 Reasons to Choose an External Confidant

A safe and inclusive work environment is essential for the well-being of your employees and the success of your organization. Unwanted behavior such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, and sexual harassment can have a negative impact on productivity, morale, and the reputation of your company.

A confidant can help you create a safe work environment and combat unwanted behavior. But why should you choose an external confidant over an internal one?

The 6 compelling reasons to choose an external confidant:

  1. Independence & objectivity:

An external confidant has no ties to your organization, which ensures a neutral and objective approach. This gives employees more confidence to come forward, knowing that their story will be treated confidentially and without conflicts of interest.

  1. Expertise & experience:

Our external confidants are specialized in handling reports of unwanted behavior. They have the knowledge and experience to handle reports professionally and discreetly, and to provide employees with the right support.

  1. Neutrality & discretion:

An internal confidant may encounter conflicts of interest, which could compromise their neutrality. This can lead to reluctance among employees to come forward. Our external confidant is completely neutral and discreet and guarantees strict confidentiality.

  1. Capacity & availability:

An internal confidant often has other responsibilities within the organization in addition to their role as a confidant. This can lead to a lack of time and capacity to handle reports adequately. Our external confidant is fully available for reports and can handle them quickly and efficiently.

  1. Continuity:

Employees come and go. With an internal confidant, there may be a disruption in support when they leave or change positions. Our external confidant, on the other hand, offers continuity and stability.

  1. Professionalism:

Engaging an external confidant demonstrates your commitment to a safe and inclusive work environment. It signals to your employees that you take unwanted behavior seriously and want to provide them with all the necessary support.

Choose OnzeVertrouwenspersoon

OnzeVertrouwenspersoon offers a team of experienced and qualified external confidants who can help you create a safe and inclusive work environment for all your employees. We work on a tailor-made basis and offer flexible solutions that perfectly match the specific needs of your organization.

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